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Are you stuck in between what used to work and creating what’s next?

Let’s talk about how you can experience the joy of co-creating something that matters!

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Why transformational coaching?

Unfortunately, reading about transformation and innovation doesn’t change anything. (Kinda like reading about physical fitness doesn’t work either.)

But hands on practice does!

Transformational coaching will support you as you change how people work together so they create new solutions as well as meet their goals for today.

Experiential programs and transformational coaching

Together, we’ll hone in on practices that deliver engagement and collaboration.

  • High value, low cost engagement strategies
  • Tools for creative problem solving
  • Skills for dealing with conflict
  • Resilience strategies for unexpected challenges

Culture change is not impossible.

Employee engagement and culture change was at the heart of my broadcast leadership accomplishments. It got easier with practice. Things moved a lot slower then. I could experiment, observe and make changes. Today’s rate of change makes that harder for you.

Think of how the right physical fitness trainer optimizes your personal fitness program. I’ll leverage my engagement and change management experience to help you reach your transformational leadership potential.

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  • “Gwen personalized our experience with practical, relevant opportunities for learning/growth.”

  • “If you’re working on organizational change Gwen is a sounding board and confidant who’ll help you reach your goals while giving you the space to be a better leader.”

  • “We got the freedom to explore a new idea and flesh it out - before presenting it to the whole management team. This allowed "entrepreneurship" within each department.”

Transformational Coaching with Gwen Kinsey

Gwen Kinsey is a former Television Station President and General Manager who attributes employee engagement for her leadership successes.

Her teams accomplished a station turn around, prototyped digital business models and beat market competitors on new business development.

Today, Gwen’s experiential programs and transformational coaching prepares people to create new solutions.

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