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I’ve lived the dynamics of organizational change. Let me help you with HOW to get from here to there.

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Why transformational coaching?

What happens when your strategic plan doesn’t keep up? You spend half your time wrangling the unexpected. You spend the other half dealing with personalities who can’t let something go.

The uncertainty that people experience during major change presents a significant psychological gap. You’re not just facing knowledge gaps, you’re facing emotional undercurrents. Process doesn’t neutralize overwhelm, uncertainty and cynicism.

You need to transcend these undercurrents. But HOW?

HOW do you bridge that gap between the past and future?

HOW do you get from here to there? You know your organization must adapt but the people piece isn’t jelling.

The transformational executive coaching I do is meant for leaders who:

  • are defining goals for business outcomes that are newly emerging
  • need help with the people piece of organizational change
  • want to surface any blind spots impeding their progress

If you are that frustrated change agent, the right executive coach can be your neutral and confidential support system.

Who should you look for?

  1. Search for someone who has lived the dynamics of organizational change.
  2. Look for someone who can help you curate innovative leadership perspectives.
  3. Find someone who’ll trigger the insights that surface your blind spots.

Ready to get started? Call Gwen at 605-212-8462.

  • “Gwen personalized our experience with practical, relevant opportunities for learning/growth.”

  • “We got the freedom to explore a new idea and flesh it out - before presenting it to the whole management team. This allowed "entrepreneurship" within each department.”

  • “If you’re working on organizational change Gwen is a sounding board and confidant who’ll help you reach your goals while giving you the space to be a better leader.”

Gwen works with leaders to incorporate innovative leadership thinking to help organizations become more adaptive and effective. Her expertise includes dynamics of change management, team building, conflict management, leveraging emotional intelligence for effective leadership, practicing effective feedback, and a natural systems approach for collaborative problem solving.
Transformational Coaching with Gwen Kinsey

Gwen is a former Television Station President and General Manager who attributes employee engagement for her leadership successes. Her teams accomplished a station turn around, prototyped digital business models and beat market competitors on new business development.

Today, Gwen’s experiential programs and transformational coaching prepares people to create new solutions.

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