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Employee Engagement Speaker

for Disrupted Organizations

What’s wrong with employee engagement strategies?

If your goal is for folks to play nice in the sand box that’s not engagement…it’s compliance. When you’re navigating disruption there’s a higher bar.

What more could you accomplish if :

  • people saw obstacles as problems waiting for new solutions they’d love to create?
  • your leadership team collaborated to design what’s next?
  • employees felt emboldened to succeed in spite of limited resources?

An employee engagement speaker for disrupted organizations

Gwen’s speeches are filled with high value, low cost work culture solutions that she adapted while in the trenches.
 She knows it isn’t enough to improve productivity, accountability and stakeholder value. Disruption is everywhere and is not for the faint of heart.
You need actionable ideas and sweat equity to meet the future with success.
 An engaged and collaborative community of leaders, employees and stakeholders can help you stay relevant. But this doesn’t happen by accident.

Transformational leaders need more than motivated employees.

They need talented people excited by the opportunity to create new solutions. They need a leadership team who collaborates on small learning steps.

Gwen has led cultural change and knows what it is like to be disrupted. She draws on those experiences in her programs. Her programs are interactive to inspire practical engagement takeaways.

Call Gwen at 605-212-8462 for no blah-blah-blah…just real life tactics you can use today.

Gwen customizes each speech with pre-event interviews. She’s also willing to design post event activities to lock in the learning.

Gwen travels from Northern Virginia, USA.

  • "Gwen led a professional development series for us. She was a fantastic find who articulated new ways to navigate change while leveraging personal strengths."
  • "Gwen asked what we wanted/needed then spoke to those needs. She gave us helpful information we can use this year."
  • "Gwen is a masterful storyteller with a unique way of inspiring new thoughts, ideas and actions while you discover–for–yourself–what you may be overlooking."
  • "Gwen was captivating in the way she presented information with real-life stories and examples. We could take what we learned and apply it the very next day."

Speaking Topics Include

  • Employee Engagement
  • Modeling Transformation

Speaking of Employee Engagement: It’s more powerful than you think

Gwen shares three keys to employee engagement that turned a poor performing station into an award winner. You’ll leave with actionable takeaways you can use immediately to improve employee engagement.

Gwen’s a story oriented employee engagement speaker. She tells a humorous tale of how this dysfunctional station learned to pull together to gain market share,win news awards,and prototype a new digital business model adopted by other stations in their group.



Modeling Transformation: Capturing Daily Insights

Gwen speaks about tools and daily practices leaders can use to reimagine and meet emerging opportunity.

  • Attendees learn techniques that cultivate deep personal insights.
  • Gwen includes stories of what it’s like to actively work on your next big idea…even before you know what it is.
  • And, while no one can totally avoid setbacks, her speech includes examples of the power in a shift of mindset from loss to possibilities.