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Transformational Leadership Coaching because….

Transformation is Heavy Lifting…Support Helps

Are you grappling with disruption? Is there a big idea you want to pursue, even though you aren’t sure about next steps? You might benefit from a relationship with a transformational leadership coach.

It’s tough to navigate sea change without support. The right coach will help.

Who should you look for?

  • Look for a champion and confidential sounding board so you can safely try on innovative leadership perspectives.
  • Find one who’ll ask questions that trigger new insights so you recognize blind spots hiding opportunity.
  • Search for one who’s developed others to their full potential.

The transformational coaching Gwen does is meant for leaders who have mastered business skills, industry specifics and demonstrated they can execute goals. Their problems are more like these:

  • They’re interested in leading transformation.
  • Some want to define goals for business outcomes that are newly emerging. They want a confidential and neutral sounding board so they can safely sort their thoughts out loud.
  • They may be highly competent executives who recently changed their leadership focus… because of a new assignment or a change initiative they are leading. Executive coaching can accelerate their transition time.
  • They are cultivating their personal strategic change management leadership qualities.

If this sounds like you, call Gwen at 605-212-8462.

  • “Gwen helped me identify an internal voice holding me back. The coaching was so successful in reconnecting me with the part of me that believes I can do anything that I quit my job at the peak of the worst recession in American history. What happened next is nothing short of phenomenal. I collaborated with friends to change the law through a public referendum to allow the manufacture of liquor in a dry Tennessee county. I helped launch one of America’s newest distilleries and became Chief Operating Officer.”

    Start- up Distillery COO
  • “After struggling through my first year as a Global Vice President of Sales at a rapidly growing software company, I was referred to Gwen. She quickly helped me assess how I could adapt my leadership style to make my organization more scalable while still hitting our short term revenue goals.  This allowed us to grow more rapidly and had a huge impact on both my department’s culture and performance.”

    Global VP of Sales, IT Company
  • “If you’re working on organizational change Gwen is a sounding board and confidant who will help you reach your goals, while giving you the space to become a better leader. Gwen challenges you the way a coach does, but more importantly, she provides room for intellectual freedom to explore new thinking so you can move beyond conventional wisdom.”

    Association CEO