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Why Digital Transformation Is Not Enough

Why Digital Transformation Is Not Enough

Why digital tactics aren't enough to meet new challengesIs the digital “cool factor” running you? Are you so consumed by keeping up with what’s new in digital transformation, you’re overlooking this: data does little to transcend the social and political pitfalls of uncertain times.

It bothers me when leaders don’t differentiate between their transactional way of doing business and the urgent need we have to change how we solve difficult challenges that supersede the digital transformation cool factor.

I was chatting with an acquaintance going through an industry leadership certification program. The program is full of industry knowledge and business acumen for senior leadership. But,

What’s missing?

Where will this individual get the experiential learning to evolve from manager/tactician to someone capable of leading an organization through tumultuous times? 

Data analysis stops short of integrating adaptive behaviors that transcend social and political dynamics throughout the organization. Two thirds of projects and initiatives fail due to social and political undercurrents.

We need leaders who demonstrate the capacity to facilitate learning that helps organizations become adaptive as well as effective. Hiring a doc in the box consultant for solutions is nothing but a Band-Aid approach that can’t staunch the chronic wounds inflicted by disruption.

Adaptive growth comes with integrated practice.

Find an executive coach who can support you and your team through making adaptive changes.


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