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Gwen Kinsey

“Inspire and engage your most powerful resource…people”


Gwen works with leaders to incorporate innovative leadership thinking to help organizations become more adaptive and effective. Her expertise includes dynamics of change management, team building, conflict management, leveraging emotional intelligence for effective leadership, practicing effective feedback, and a natural systems approach for collaborative problem solving.

Gwen learned strategic change management through self-directed experience. She is a former President and General Manager from the television industry who shares what she learned about leading organizational change to help transformational leaders create what’s next.

During her time in broadcasting her teams:

  • turned around a poor performing television station
  • prototyped the company multi-cast platform
  • achieved award winning product improvements
  • saw new business growth that outpaced market competitors
  • developed niche internet products that grew audience and revenue

“I couldn’t have accomplished what I did without my teams. Those rewarding relationships inspire what I do today…help transformational leaders engage their most powerful resource…people.”



Her credo?

Gwen believes that innovative behavior seeds blossom–or shrivel depending on where they are planted and how they are nurtured and fed.

“Our capacity and influence comes from how well we engage others… our ability to be a positive influence, communicate effectively, collaborate, network for ideas, and facilitate the development and diverse experience of others.”


On a personal note,

“I’m a pie loving, mischievous lover of life who doesn’t believe in time. I do however believe in a rate of decay. My recipe for a long fulfilling life? Don’t decay. Embrace diverse perspectives, creative expression and lifelong learning.”