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The people piece of organizational change: Hands on workshops


Give people a chance to practice new behaviors. It’s how they get comfortable. Workshops are terrific for this kind of practice…especially when the workshops are experiential. It’s the hands on practice part that helps people confidently approach creative problem solving and master better communication skills.

Check out the sample workshop descriptions below. Call Gwen at 605-212-8462 and she’ll customize a workshop to focus on your strategic outcomes. For example:

  • We can try out creative collaboration tools
  • Zero in on skills for engaging leadership practices
  • Practice effective feedback
  • Explore opportunities for development
  • Practice coaching techniques for developing next generation talent

Experiential Workshops Benefit Disrupted Organizations

Give your teams experience with tools that stimulate their collective creativity and collaboration. Check out Gwen’s workshop topics for ideas. Every program she does includes hands on learning and actionable takeaways customized for your strategic outcomes.

Sample workshop outcomes?

  • Tackle questions like, “Where are we going and what should we look like when we get there?”
  • Focus on leadership skills that result in employee engagement
  • Seed team building practices across silos
  • Try out creative collaboration tools
  • Practice effective feedback
  • Develop a coaching leadership style
  • “I never connected the impact fear has on innovation.”

  • “I loved Gwen’s Permission to Be Wrong Coupon.”

  • “I learned not to deprive people from creating their own solutions.”

Cultivating Innovators Workshop

Workshop Abstract: Hear specific behaviors transformational leaders can model. Get tips for developing innovative behaviors in others so teams are organically prepared for discovery as well as smooth execution. Attendees:

  • Get practical tips and suggestions of how to experientially develop others
  • Avoid behavior that derails creative problem solving
  • Recognize opportunities for prototyping

Cultivating Innovators

Workshop: Stepping into the Future Together

Workshop Abstract – Unlike strategic planning retreats that map the route for effective execution, this session explores how to take small steps forward when you’re not certain of what comes next. Instead of being paralyzed, the workshop will:

  • Push the boundaries of the group’s imagination to explore a future that doesn’t exist yet so they begin to shape a direction (Where are we going?)
  • Explore organizational systems that align with future opportunities
  • Give the senior leadership team an opportunity to choose projects with the most potential for small innovative trials.

Stepping into the Future

Workshop: Growing Engagement in Disrupted Organizations

Workshop Abstract: Employee engagement is a mutually beneficial relationship between organizations and employees. This connection comes from intrinsic motivators that are stronger, much deeper and longer lasting because they connect the employee with what’s meaningful to them. The learning in this program:

  • Attendees explore 3 of the strongest intrinsic motivators
  • Come away with low cost, high impact engagement ideas
  • Tie engagement to strategic outcomes

Growing Engagement for Performance