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Coaching for transformation’s heavy lifting.


Transformational Leaders Needed

The word “transformation” gets thrown around a lot. I wondered about using it on this website. You can’t deny that the gap between what used to work and what you need for tomorrow is growing. Gaps get created by new technologies, and information generated by mountains of data. There are even gaps in how we live compared to a life of wellbeing.

Perfecting and fine tuning stuff isn’t the way forward.

Status quo thinking can’t bridge these gaps.

We need to build bridges to cross the gaps between the past and future.

I help leaders become bridge builders for their organizations. 

The people piece of transforming an organization is the hardest part. Getting people ready to build and cross these metaphorical bridges is overlooked. There’s no shortage of new ideas. Implementing them on top of everyday priorities creates rough going, though.  Folks are constantly wrangling the unexpected. They probably find it hard to let go of what isn’t working. This is where you may inadvertently let them down.

Even leaders who are clear about what needs to change and why fall short…if they don’t model a new HOW.

Trying to emulate celebrity CEOs you read about in trade publications is a pipe dream when you compare it to what you face in your everyday reality. Do you have time to investigate innovative leadership practices?

Ready to try something unexpected?

Hire an executive coach who also curates innovative systems thinking. Think of this as hiring a fellow bridge builder for support.

Executive Coaching Outcomes for Transformational Leaders

My executive coaching clients say they have:
• gained tools for spearheading engaged, learning organizations.
• changed their work culture.
• broadened their communication styles.
• are more skilled at handling conflict.
• fine-tuned their emotional intelligence.

Team Coaching Opportunities

Team coaching sessions incorporate skills targeted to effectively execute emergent strategic imperatives. These aren’t training sessions. They are coaching sessions that include hands on experience with skills that enable collaborative problem solving. A menu of coaching outcomes typically includes:
• natural systems for complex problem solving
• collaborative decision-making best practices
• managing conflict for creative solutions
• soft skills for better outcomes during times of change

If you’re ready to build your own bridge into the future, call Gwen at 605-212-8462.

  • “Gwen helped me identify an internal voice holding me back. The coaching was so successful in reconnecting me with the part of me that believes I can do anything that I quit my job at the peak of the worst recession in American history. What happened next is nothing short of phenomenal. I collaborated with friends to change the law through a public referendum to allow the manufacture of liquor in a dry Tennessee county. I helped launch one of America’s newest distilleries and became Chief Operating Officer.”

    Start- up Distillery COO
  • “After struggling through my first year as a Global Vice President of Sales at a rapidly growing software company, I was referred to Gwen. She quickly helped me assess how I could adapt my leadership style to make my organization more scalable while still hitting our short term revenue goals.  This allowed us to grow more rapidly and had a huge impact on both my department’s culture and performance.”

    Global VP of Sales, IT Company
  • “If you’re working on organizational change Gwen is a sounding board and confidant who will help you reach your goals, while giving you the space to become a better leader. Gwen challenges you the way a coach does, but more importantly, she provides room for intellectual freedom to explore new thinking so you can move beyond conventional wisdom.”

    Association CEO