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Jumpstart your Transformational Leadership Style

Jumpstart your Transformational Leadership Style


Time for spring’s new growth. Are you seeing the seeds of digital disruption sprouting everywhere? Scary?

It really is if you’ve done nothing to cultivate your preparedness.

Ripped from my twitter feed in the first three minutes of my day today…Dave Evans @DaveTheFuturist tweeted  a BBC story about how the LA Times was the first to post info about a recent earthquake because a robot did the story. The earthquake story took 3 minutes to post.  Kenneth Mikkelson @LeadershipABC put up a Twitter pic graph showing where job automation may threaten half of the workforce.

What transformational seeds are you sewing?

If your answer is bupkis…it’s not too late to change course. 

Spring is a great reminder that seeds need intention (prepare the soil) and attention (cultivation) to sprout. Many transformational efforts fall short when people place their ideas or “seeds” in barren, unfertilized soil…no nutrients, no water source, etc.

So before you start planting or frantically looking for seeds…are you preparing your soil?

3 Tips for Transformational Leadership

Here are three suggestions to jumpstart your transformational leadership style. They are designed to rewire how you approach your days so you include activity that significantly enhances cultivation.

Pay attention to your questions. Are you asking “discovery” questions or are you asking questions only about harvesting? Discovery questions challenge the status quo. Discovery questions are curious, open ended questions about what you are noticing.

How are you actively observing and reflecting? History’s greatest thinkers and innovators systematically observed and wrote about what they noticed in their private journals. They recorded their random observations, thoughts and reflections in a journal that created a workspace for their ideas. Start writing down the seeds of what you notice and reflect on them. A large variety of seedlings makes it more likely that you’ll have something to plant.

Cultivate relationships with people who are not like you. Creativity sprouts from disparate connections. Cultivating multiple perspectives and lenses is a way to ignite new thinking.

When you think about your days… would you describe them as transactional or transformational? Transactional is about today’s harvest…transformational leaders prepare for a new and different harvest tomorrow.

Both are important…and both require different activity.

Each day should include both to increase your chance for successful future harvests.



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