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What’s the cost of blind adherence to process and compliance?

What’s the cost of blind adherence to process and compliance?

Compliance. Process. Automatic pilot. Feel dead already?

At some point, the familiarity of process and the sheer demand of compliance invite us to stop thinking. We are way busy, we are generating stuff, and if we can just finish we can all just get paid… Is this what we intended? Is this part of what is contributing to non-engagement and feelings of disconnect? What opportunities are you missing when you are not engaged and not thinking?

Who is in charge of periodically reviewing your process or your routines? While non-compliance is not an option, should how you meet compliance objectives be up for periodic review? What is sancrosant about process? Where is that sacred cow getting in your way?

 What if you staged a once a year check up for process relevance and effectiveness? Organizations don’t think twice about strategic planning initiatives which often ADD to existing tactics and process without evaluating the impact of processes and compliance routines that have outlived their usefullness. Do you have an idea of what is useful today vs what was useful when the process was begun?

Here are some questions I would ask myself before I began such a review: Is this report or this process a must have or a nice to have?

Must haves…..These are metrics or processes tied to our Vitals…but, when is the last time you verified it as truely vital? If so, what is the proof of relevance? What are you learning? How do you celebrate what is great about it? How long will this be relevant? What else needs to change as a result? Is the change strategic or tactical? By whom? By When? If it is not a must have any longer, move it to a-

Nice to have’s…These are other “tests”, reports or processes that may point to trouble or prevent potential problems that are not yet apparent but may develop down the road. When do you request these tests, reports or research? How frequently do you need to perform the process or gather the information/data before it becomes overkill? What are the troublesome behaviors that may lead to long term damage?  How are you engaging all of your stakeholders in evaluating process? What are you learning that is actionable? Is there an opportunity to celebrate from the findings? What needs to change? Is the change strategic or tactical? By whom? By When?

Changes for the better do not always need to be monumental nor do they all need to involve big risk. Sometimes, all it takes is a nice helping of common sense and the right questions.

What questions do you need to ask about how you approach process and compliance?


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