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You can be more innovative leader

You can be more innovative leader

After eight years of research and 360 degree data from over five hundred innovators and thousands of executives in seventy-five countries, authors Dyer, Gregersen and Christensen discovered that five behaviors and their consistent practice are at the root of innovation and write about it at length in their 2011 release, The Innovators’s DNA: Mastering The Five Skills Of Disruptive Innovators. (Read more about the book and take your own 360 assessment at their website http://innovatorsdna.com/).

I recommend you read the book. It is filled with practical exercises for building innovation capacity. Another big takeaway? Companies who  have the most consistent performance for innovation had innovative leaders at the top through all product cycles.

The authors take time in the book to distinguish between the leadership skills that are needed for solid execution…and those behaviors that foster innovation. (We rise to the top of an organization based on our abilities to execute strategy and deliver results.)

The potential pitfall is believing that execution and delegation skills are sufficient to support innovation.

The challenge for translating the learning and the point of this post? Take the mirror test.

  1. You can’t change what you don’t see
  2. Behavioral changes are possible…but require motivation, tenacity and the self-discipline to consistently focus on choosing the new behaviors in spite of occasional set backs.

Those are the same challenges we face when we set any goal predicated on behavioral change.

Do you embody behaviors that support innovation in addition to your execution abilities?

What would you gain by being more innovative in your life? New possibilities? New opportunities?

What support systems have helped you make behavioral changes in the past?

Are you willing to ask for help?

You understand how a personal trainer can help you make a stronger connection to accomplishing your personal fitness goals.

A coaching relationship is a terrific vehicle for helping you make the behavioral changes that support your professional and personal goals.

Start by scheduling your free consultation with me and we’ll look at your goals and how coaching will increase your potential for going beyond short term success.


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