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Raising the Bar on Organizational Change Management

Raising the Bar on Organizational Change Management

Change management strategy is often directed at improving operational efficiency. But what else is needed to keep up with constant disruptive change?

Who we are and how we behave is being fundamentally changed by our tools and complexity in the environments we are living and working in.

We talk about organizational change to effectively meet these new challenges… we also need to re-imagine what it takes to effectively lead during emergent times.

How would you raise the bar for managing change?

I visit several LinkedIn forums each week looking for conversations on 21st century business challenges. I am curious about themes that stimulate conversation. One theme that always gets things going are threads  talking about the differences between management and leadership. Still.

You’d think the definitions would be pretty straightforward…right out of the textbook. Why the ceaseless conversation about this? Why the continual wordsmithing?

I think it’s because people know something really important is missing.

Folks are grasping for ways to articulate what is missing. There is a sharp hunger to make things better. What is better? What will it take?

I’d love to see the conversation shift to specifically articulating a new vision for great leadership. I’m not talking about rehashing the traits and qualities of great vs. poor leaders. I’m also not talking about parsing the definitions of manager and leader.

I’m talking about expanding our expectations for what it takes to lead change in a complex, disruptive world complicated by the behavioral shifts driven by technological tools and finite resources.

Who would leaders need to be to lead organizations able to thrive in emergent conditions?

How do leaders need to change to model what’s needed for their organizations to adapt and stay relevant?

Please share your thoughts. I’m curious to know if you sense what I do and if so, what are your insights?


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